United Grinding Technologies Announces Plans to Buy Ewag USA

At IMTS, the huge manufacturing trade fair held September 4–11 in Chicago, United Grinding Technologies (UGT) announced that it will acquire Ewag USA of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and merge its operations into UGT. The merger is scheduled to be complete by January 1, 2003.

Ewag USA was founded in 1946 and now makes tool grinding machines and tool grinding centers for the production of rotary tools and high-quality indexable inserts of tungsten carbide, PCD and PCBN. Ewag will be a UGT product division specializing in tool and cutter grinding machines.

The company’s headquarters will continue to be in UGT’s facility at Miamisburg, Ohio

The Molding Company

Plastic Mold China & Co. KG, which specializes in inspection and measuring technology, will show off two new state-of-the-art tooling systems at an open house to be held at Zoller’s parent company in Freiberg/Neckar, Germany, October 22–25, and then at Zoller North in Hanover, Germany, November 12–15.

The Redomatic (top photo)consists of a Zoller Venturion/Saturn 2 device equipped with automatic longitudinal stop, tool turret and water cooling. Tools are shrunk within an accuracy of ± 0.01 mm.

The Redomatic Auto (bottom), a fully automatic shrinking, presetting, measuring, and cooling centre, could be the first system able to shrink, preset, measure, and cool 16 tools within 30 minutes. This is performed without intervention of an operator.

Zoller will also show off products for tool balancing in addition to its entire product line ranging from presetting and measuring technology to the universal measuring machine, Genius 3.

New Chicago-Area Program
Focuses on Business Planning

A new course called The Certificate in Strategic Management will help manufacturers in the Chicago, Illinois, USA area compete in the global marketplace. The accredited program is a strategic partnership between the Illinois Institute of Technology, the mold company & Manufacturing Association, and LBL Strategies.

The program begins in January 2003 and will be offered at the TMA Training Center in Park Ridge, Illinois, and also on site at a local company. The central theme of the program is to help manufacturers focus, make better business decisions, and grow. Participants will also conduct research and help assemble the information business needs to refine their business strategies.

Plastic Industry

Missler Software Customized to
Complement Mikron Machining Centers

High-speed processing requires perfect interaction of machining centers, CNC control units, and CAM software for quick and precise milling for precision metal part machining. This has been the primary motivation behind the cooperative efforts now underway between machine manufacturer Mikron and the French software company Missler.

In early October, Mikron introduced three new, ultra-high-speed machining centers and a continuous process chain for high-speed machining using various machines and 3D programming tools. The company also introduced the XSM 400 CNC control, equipped with the “Cyclone” expert system for ultra-high-speed processing, which was specially developed for Mikron and allows users to easily optimize all technical parameters for certain operations. Missler’s experts have customized the postprocessors of the TopCam CAM software to complement Mikron’s machines.

TopCam supports ultra-high-speed milling by letting a user select the functions needed for processing certain parts at a given time already at the programming level. The CAM system proposes a machining method that maintains the machining direction. In addition, the user is provided with tools with small cutting depths and large radial passes for high-speed milling.

Positive Outlook for Major
Italian Plastics Show Next May

The outlook for next spring’s PLAST Industry trade fair in Milan, Italy, is highly favorable, with the show management organization Enfiplast expecting a net exhibit space of 75,000 mm². PLAST Industry will run May 6–10 at the Fieramilano fairground. This triennial event is expected to be second only to the K Show in Düsseldorf. The previous PLAST show, in 2000, attracted 1,660 exhibitors, including 693 exhibitors from 47 countries.

As an international event, PLAST Industry is supported by Euromap (the European Committee of Machinery Manufacturers for the Plastics and Rubber Industries) as well as by Assocomaplast. Once again, there will be a comprehensive program of seminars.

The PLAST Industry wbite by https://plastic-industry.com/, they offer further details on the show, and exhibitors can use it to verify the allocation of all booths. For visitors, there is a preregistration option.



Bar Stool Moulds

Many concerning the grownup men and ladies choose to possess the bar at home. But loads of space needs to acquire sacrificed for this. Once the home is relatively huge then it will not come going to be considered a problem. When each of the furnishings is made the decision then the turn arrives to the Bar Stool Moulds. Best suited after a stressful evening a relatively small cup of beer may nicely soothe. Some choose to stay in your own home to relieve the stress. So once the Bar Stool Moulds are selected they need to acquire careful. This small area concerning the bar can be to acquire decorated to game the surroundings. The lights, stools and relatively several other small factors need to acquire concentrated to game the option concerning the grownup men and ladies who will use it.

Stool Moulds
Stool Moulds

There are relatively several products present inside the Bar Stool Moulds. There is leather, metal and wooden also. The Bar Stool Moulds are comparatively of the bigger height. The products utilized should game using the decor inside the room. This could give a brilliant ambience as well as a visual element to the room. It is consistently preferred to take advantage of the stools which could tolerate the liquids. If some delicate substance is utilized then it is relatively challenging to clean up the mess if one thing spills out. The stools may nicely be relatively plain and backless. But some stools could have back again to help he individual getting sitting on it. The colors as well as the styles are relatively decent in these stools as they are able to be us only for decoration.

The  are for the most part height adjustable type. The individual getting sitting on these stools may nicely be tall or short. To create the table reachable to the proper dimension these adjustments is relatively necessary. These Bar Stool Moulds will help the grownup men and ladies to sit within of just one corner to appreciate their beverages and snacks. The quantity of Bar Stool Moulds needed as well as the design and design is particular choice. Each and every individual getting has their individual option in designs. The dimension concerning the measurement concerning the stools is taken. This could help the individual getting to select what sort of stool and what measurement needs to acquire taken. Some bars may nicely be near to the swimming pool side. Then the products concerning the stool need to acquire decided.

Plastic Industry news

IBM Confirms Intention to
Acquire EADS Matra Datavision

IBM has confirmed its intention to acquire EADS Matra Datavision, a major supplier of engineering applications and services that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EADS Group. Once complete, the combination of IBM and EADS Matra Datavision will significantly enhance IBM’s product lifecycle management (PLM) offerings.

Product lifecycle management refers to solutions and methodologies that allow manufacturers to integrate product development processes and knowledge across an extended enterprise. PLM enables innovation, improved product development efficiencies, and e-collaboration by all contributors involved in a product rollout, including engineers, production teams, operations personnel, suppliers, and after-sales service specialists. The PLM services market is expected to grow from $1.9 billion in 2001 to $5.5 billion in 2006, for a combined annual growth rate of 23.4%.

EADS Matra Datavision has been IBM’s top producing PLM business partner since it entered an alliance with IBM in 1998. The transaction is expected to be completed by January 1, 2003, at which time EADS Matra Datavision will become part of IBM.

Trumpf Reports 2001-02 FY Results;
Laser, Medical Technologies Growing


The Trumpf Group reports that its 2001-02 fiscal year has ended with €1.17 billion ($1.04 billion) in consolidated sales, close to the the previous year’s level of €1.22 billion ($1.09 billion). Despite the recession that continued throughout the company’s entire fiscal year, group sales remained stable and total earnings high. Orders received totaled €1.14 billion ($1.02 billion), slightly less than sales.

While sales decreased in Europe and the United States, Trumpf grew in Asia. The overseas share of consolidated sales totaled 64%.

The company’s Laser Technology and Medical Technology divisions increased sales by 12% (to €319 million) and 27% (to €117 million), respectively. The Machine Tools division experienced a drop in sales of 9.2% (to €971 million), and sales were down by 8.3% in the Power Tools division (at €39 million).


Plastic Mold Manufacturing

Plastic Mold developing is getting a leap forward in conditions of efficiency and precision by method of the acceptance of 5 axis machining engineering which persists to be benefiting other sectors belonging using the production business for some time. 5 axis machining is one of the best process for plastic mold manufacturing.

Getting in a location to appliance all 5 sides of the element developing utilization of precisely the exact same set-up saves time and minimizes the chance of individual error. Getting in a location to exchange these benefits to Plastic Mold developing persists to be considered a boon for this part belonging using the production industry. Acquiring the right run product holding method is essential using the achievement belonging using the process, with best quality engineered options emerging to delivery efficiency gains and vastly reduce waste.

There is routinely a steep knowing curve with 5 axis machining for new operators, and between the spots in which a brand name new participant can have problems is in holding the run product to make certain that 5 sides belonging using the product could possibly be machined effectively. The subsequent particulars concerning the two most common methods may possibly be of support to new operators:

Mechanical Clamping Systems:

These are one of the most common systems, and resemble a vice but with additional clamping force. This method allows minimal interference using the slicing area and allows the subjected surfaces getting machined using an increased level of accuracy.

This clamping method can sustain tiny to method sized run pieces really easily, but for bigger pieces, a riser is recommended so that you simply can achieve the run piece. They are not common type clamps but extremely engineered pieces of offers which take advantage of force have been it is most needed. Additional protection is supplied in using pointed grippers inside the vice jaws.

Magnetic Systems:

A common method will be to fix the run product to some magnetic pedestal. On account of the reality the run product is then elevated, the 5 sides could possibly be machined in an extremely individual set-up, which also significantly minimizes the margin for error. The true machining processes don’t alter the magnetic pull. that is on account of the reality the 5 axis increased pace methods need a  complete great offer increased spindle speed, much lighter chip loads and sooner feeds overall. These reduce torque and cutter pressure, so there is no danger belonging using the run product relocating although getting machined.

Another method could possibly be using magnetic pallets which allow the movement belonging using the run product from the individual appliance to another. This method needs cautious preparing and layout on the outset, but pays dividends inside the financial savings gained through the production process.

Business proprietors who purchase high-end 5 axis models after which skimp concerning the worth of run product holding techniques will not obtain the whole advantage belonging using the efficiency and efficiency gains accessible with this machining technology. Operators at CNC Townsville workshops are presently proving that these techniques are worth the investment.

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