How choose the best hair dryer for your hair

This morning your body intended to oversleep and you end up waking up too late, a good half an hour before work and the traffic is so bad. What you should do when you have that bed head that just doesn’t quite it? When matters like those happen– and you recognize they do not happen just occasionally– your blow dryer is your hair’s best friend. Just spritz on a little water on your hair and then place that dryer at your hair. But what dryer is the best blow dryer for you? Read on to find out what the points you have to consider in getting the most effective dryer for you.

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Your very own hairs– the first and essential thing you have to look is your hair If you have straight hair, you could want to add a little volume to add some life to your hair style. Or, if you have curly hair style, you may have a longer time straightening it out. Curly hair is also generally vulnerable to getting extra damaged. For versatility, the very best blow dryer should have different heat levels that can adapt to both your hair type and how wet it is. The general rule is: gradually lower down the heat as your hair gets drier, to prevent damaging your hair. To give more defense, use some serum first before blow drying your hair.

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The style you desire– some times you wish to go straight, while some times you want just a little hint of waves at the bottom of your hair. The most effective hair blow dryer will fit your style and day, anytime, and it completely relies on the nozzle. The smaller the nozzle, the more concentrated the heat is around your hair, giving it a straighter look. For a dryer that will go with your flow, pick one that has added attachments to it, so you can readjust the nozzle from bigger to smaller, depending upon your style. some of them also include an additional nozzle that has small bristles on it, for those sexy ladies who have extra curly hair.

Material– today, most hair stylist swear their name on ionic hair dryers as their top choices for the very best hair blow dryer. Compared to normal hair dryer, an ionic hair dryer produces particles called negative ions. These particles are charged and, when bonded to your hair, will cut the drying process half time, that means your hair is less exposed to the harm it gets from the heat. The result: it dries your hair quicker, reduces frizzes better, and your hair is shinier. Plus, by cutting down on how much time you dry your hair, you also reduced some costs off your power bill.

In summary, a versatile blow dryer is the very best blow dryer you can have inside your vanity cabinet. Search for adjustable heat and speeds, attachments, and a blow dryer that is ionic technology. T3, Conair, CHI, Solano, and Bio-Ionic are some popular brands that you can look at if you plan to get hair dryer that will definitely make your hair crowning glory.

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Caring for Damaged Hair Follicles

Damaged Hair Follicles

Damaged hair follicles are one of the worst things anyone could experience most especially for women. Before you start learning about the treatment for this, it is important that you first know about the normal structure of hair. Basically, the hair has three layers: the medulla (innermost layer), the cortex (surrounds the medulla and made of cells, proteins, etc.) and the cuticle (outermost layer). The hair root is found underneath the skin surface enclosed with hair follicles. When the hair follicles are dead it
becomes impossible for hair to grow. However, there are treatments and ways on how you can restore it.

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Cause of Damaged Hair Follicles

There are a number of reasons why damaged hair follicles happen.

  • Prolonged sun exposure. Too much exposure to sun can cause damage to the hair follicles.
  • Chemicals. Hair chemicals such as hair dye or hair colors and other kinds of treatments can cause damaged hair follicles especially if they were not properly applied on hair or because of the ingredients found on the chemical.
  • Undernourished hair. The food that we eat affects every part of the body and hair is not an exception. This is why it is important to care for the hair by taking in right amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Certain types of medications. There are certain types of medications that can cause damaged hair follicles such as those that are used during chemotherapy.
  • Poor hair care. Poor hygiene and improper hair care can also be one of the causes of damaged hair follicles.

Hair Care for Damaged Hair Follicles

Home Remedies. Making use of natural hair remedies that you can do at home are recommended because you use natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals. Ingredients such as mayonnaise is one technique where all you need to do is apply it on your entire hair and massage it. You can also make use of egg which you may place on your hair and massage on your scalp. Allow it to stay on hair for an hour and wash with lukewarm water afterwards.

Oils. Different brands of oil that you may find in beauty stores can help in treating this condition. Oils such as coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil are useful in treating damaged hair follicles. You can apply the oil to your hair allow it to stay on hair overnight and rinse in the morning with mild shampoo.

Healthy Diet. Having a healthy diet is important to the hair and hair follicles because this is where our body gets the nutrients and vitamins it needs in order for it to function properly. Make sure that you include in your diet green vegetables and fruits and drink eight to ten glasses a day.

Hair Care. Make sure that you care for your hair properly and one way is by protecting hair especially when under the heat of the sun. Make use of a scarf or umbrella when you are out under the sun. It is also important that when undergoing treatments, you only go for products that can care for hair properly and make sure that treatments are done by a professional.

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Olayer Chinese hair straightener Flat iron

Complete Details about the Olayer Olayer Hair Straightener

The Olayer Chinese hair straightener flat iron works by smoothing the cuticle layer of the hair down with high temperature ceramic plates that glide across the hair strand, smoothing it in one pass. This is the biggest benefit of the Olayer China flat iron over cheaper flat irons since repeated passes of a hot iron can damage hair causing breakage and split ends. Olayer flat irons come in models with one heat setting and models with adjustable heat settings so you can pick the type best for your hair and styling needs.

Olayer ceramic flat irons are able to smooth hair in a single pass saving you time and preventing damage to your hair, but they are also great for other styling uses. Since the hair straightener has beveled edges, you can use your Olayer ceramic flat iron to curl or wave your hair. The beveled edge allows you to wind hair around then iron and a Olayer waves or curls quickly and easily. An added benefit of curling with your hair straightener is that each curl is simultaneously smoothed as it is curled, leaving you with gorgeous curls, not a frizzy mess.

Professional stylists use Olayer flat irons because they know they can depend on them to get the best results. Whether it is straightening and smoothing hair into a sleek Olayer  or creating voluminous waves for a romantic up-swept hairstyle, stylists turn to their Olayer Chinese straightening irons to get the look they are after. Having the Farouk name behind the Olayer iron gives stylist confidence the iron is up to any task they set before it. Whether the job calls for every day behind the chair styling or special occasion bridal styles, you can be sure every stylist on set has a Olayer flat iron in their tool kit arsenal.

With the Farouk name and technology behind it, the Olayer Chinese flat iron is the best on hair straightener on the market. Smooth, evenly heated high temperature ceramic plates get the task accomplished in one pass of the iron and saves valuable styling time while preventing heat damage to hair. Beveled edges give you a smooth surface to wind hair around to create beautiful curls or waves easily and quickly with results that look smooth and polished.

There are many other flat irons on the market, but Olayer is the original and best. Even heat distribution and retention, smooth plates, numerous models to choose from to best suit your needs and capabilities make Olayer by Farouk an easy choice. Flat irons not made by Olayer often do not meet the rigorous standards of Olayer irons and cheaper flat irons require multiple passes over each hair strand and cause damage to the hair. It is well worth the investment in the health of your hair to use the best hair straightener and that is a Olayer. Olayer flat irons are available online, in beauty department stores or from your cosmetologist.  Olayer Chinese ceramic flat irons come in many different models, colors, sizes and temperature ranges so check out their selection to see what Olayer flat iron is best for you.

OLAYER Warranty Details

The company that makes the best flat irons, Farouk Systems states that they will not offer a valid warranty to any OLAYER China flat iron sold online. However, states that they only sell genuine OLAYER products and they do offer warranty support. They also will tell you that the OLAYER China hair straightener products sold at come with a 1 year warranty. And like most warranties there are some conditions (that’s were the ‘limited’ in ‘Limited Warranty’ comes into play). For example the warranty does not cover any steel parts, plastic parts or the flex cord. And like all warranties they will not cover damages due to misuse or by improper handling.