Tips on how to use hair iron

hair iron

Owning a hair iron and not using it is like buying a great dress for a date and not wearing it. If you bought a hair iron, it means you wanted it for a reason, right? It’s time to give it the use it deserves, and at the same time learn lots of quick ways to style your hair. Turn your hair iron into one of your best friends!

Here are a few tips on basic hair iron use to get you started on boosting your appearance. First of all, which type of hair iron works best for you? Well, this largely depends on your hair. If you have curly, course hair then you need an iron with bigger plates and that can get hot enough to work those natural curls. Simply knowing what hair iron to choose can guarantee excellent performance.

Taking care of your hair iron is another must. You probably rely on an assortment of styling and hair-care products to look your best, and inevitably some of it will gunk up the iron’s plates. You can actually damage your hair if you let this transfer onto your hair using the hair iron. A real mess! What you need to do is find a good hair iron cleaner and soft cloth to wipe away any residue on the plates after each use. Be sure to wait until the iron has completely cooled down first to avoid burning.

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It’s also extremely important to look after your hair when using the iron for styling and primping. Without healthy hair, there won’t be much to style! It’s a fact, too much heat can damage your hair over time, and if you don’t protect your locks from that heat it can result in a dull look made up of split ends and breakage. However, there is a way around this! There are plenty of shampoos, conditioners and hair-care products that are especially nourishing for your hair and allow you to style, blow dry and straighten without causing too much damage. It’s all about finding the right products for your hair so that you can style without a worry.

Now, for those busy bees that are always on the go, you’ll definitely want to be looking fabulous anywhere and one of the things you need to accomplish this is a hair iron you can bring along. There are some models on the market that come with a travel case or pouch, but if you already bought one and it didn’t come with these, you can find them online or in a store. Just make sure they fit your hair iron and cord.

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