What Is An Ionic Hair Dryer

infrared high speed hair dryer

Most heating appliances, like the heater in your car, flat irons and even synthetic clothes produce large amounts of positive charged particles, called positive ions. It has been known for some time that exposure to positive ions has a negative impact on our overall physical and psychological healthier. They’re also bad for your hair.

Conventional hair dryers produce lots of positive ions which often leaves hair feeling dry, dull and frizzy.

Ionic hair dryers are a recent introduction and produce negative ions. Negative ions have been shown to break down water droplets into much smaller micro-droplets that can be easily absorbed into the hair shaft. This has several benefits. Firstly, it takes less time to dry hair, thus reducing the time hair is subjected to harmful heat. Secondly, because water is absorbed into each shaft of hair it is hydrated from the inside out, which makes the cuticle lie flat and promotes glossy, healthy hair and eliminate frizz.

Each ionic hair dryer will also be made from ceramic materials as ceramic isolates the ionic generators and concentrates the ions at the tip where the air stream will take them to the hair.

What Is The Best Ionic Hair Dryer?

This depends very much on what you’re looking for in a hair dryer. There are many good tools on the market but here are some recommendations. If budget is the main concern, then the Olayer infrared high speed Hair Dryer is a very good choice. It comes with 4 heat settings, speed control and a cool shot button. You also get a ceramic diffuser, concentrator and pick. If you’re looking for one that is of professional design then you should take a look at the BaByliss Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer. If you willing to pay top dollar and really want the best that’s currently out there, then take a look at the T3 Evolution Hair Dryer. This blow dryer comes with a 2000 watt motor, 2 speed and 4 heat settings plus a cool shot button and it’s very light, weighing only 13.5 ounces.

The above are just 3 of many top rated ionic hair dryers. All the brands of hair dryers listed on this site have their own version, so it may be worthwhile seeing what each has to offer in terms of function, motor and price.

There are more high speed hair dryer made by olayer hair dryer manufacturer which are all of the best hair dryers on the market today.